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Symptoms of Dysgraphia in Children

An elementary school child’s main focus is learning to write words and sentences. Although many kids have a difficult time learning to write and perfecting penmanship, it becomes a significantly larger problem when the child’s handwriting is consistently distorted or unclear or we may notice spelling errors and incomplete sentences. This problem may be the cause of a learning disability called Dysgraphia. Let’s first understand what Dysgraphia is and then check some of the Symptoms of Dysgraphia.


Define Dysgraphia: It’s a neurological disorder that affects a person’s motor skills like handwriting, typing, and spelling that are needed to produce writing. With this difficulty, a child finds it hard to complete any handwriting tasks or assignments. Children with Dysgraphia may write slower than others and they have trouble spelling words correctly which may affect how well they express themselves in writing. 


So what are the possible causes of Dysgraphia?

Dysgraphia can be caused by any type of learning disability, such as ADHD or dyslexia, but it can also be caused by any degenerative disease or brain injury. Many times Dysgraphia can get confused with Dyslexia which makes it more difficult to diagnose it. Dyslexia affects the child’s ability to read while Dysgraphia affects the child’s ability to write. Although they are different conditions in themselves, some children do suffer from both.


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What are the effects of Dysgraphia in children?

Children who suffer from Dysgraphia struggle a lot with writing which often results in them missing out on important notes during a lecture. This can also affect their self-esteem and shatter their confidence in a drastic way due to their bad handwriting and low grades which makes them appear sloppy or lazy in class which may also result in them losing interest in school and studies. 


Finding out the early symptoms of Dysgraphia may help us figure out strategies for overcoming some of the difficulties it causes in school life.

Some of the symptoms of Dysgraphia are as follows;

There are signs and symptoms that may signal towards Dysgraphia that we should keep a lookout for;

  • The trouble with spelling and capitalization
  • Inconsistency in spacing between letters or words
  • Having trouble keeping words or letters within margins
  • Having a tight grip on a pen or pencil can cramp up the child’s hands
  • Omitting certain words or letters from sentences
  • Slower writing than others
  • Have strong difficulty in copying words
  • Inconsistent handwriting like a mix of cursive and print letters
  • The unusual placement of paper, wrist, or body while writing


Although there is no “cure” for Dysgraphia, it’s important for us to figure out the symptoms of Dysgraphia in our children during the early stages so that we can find the appropriate treatments and accommodations for our children.

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