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SOI Learning Ability Assessment

This comprehensive assessment evaluates cognition, memory, problem-solving, evaluation, and creativity. Specific abilities are evaluated in these areas that relate to learning. The SOI assessment delivers a complete profile of each individual including:

  • Learning ability strengths
  • Areas in need of attention
  • Learning ability strengths
  • The individual’s dominant learning style
  • Suggestions for areas of improvement
  • Scores on each SOI subtest
  • What the scores mean

These assessments are offered in a variety of settings:

In-Person, Online & Hybrid

There are four forms of assessments:

  • Form CR is appropriate for grades 3 to adult. Twenty-six abilities are tested
  • Form L is for grades K-2. Fourteen abilities are assessed
  • Form CR and L are administered in person

If there is a situation, where we cannot meet the client in person, we do this assessment through video conferencing.


The ALA test is composed of thirty subtests and is appropriate for third graders to adults. This is an online assessment. It also includes a critical thinking portion, which is especially beneficial to older students and adults.


The PLA test is composed of fourteen subtests and is appropriate for kindergarteners to fifth graders. This is also offered online.

Perceptual-Motor Assessment

Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) program under SOI systems assesses the sensory-motor integration abilities. This assessment helps us to identify the physical readiness skills essential for school learning. These abilities include balance, crossing the midline, physically and mentally, and spatial orientation.

We also evaluate Vision focusing skills namely Teaming of the Eyes, Visual Aiming at Target, shifting between seat work and board work, eyes moving across the page, and targeting the object.

Developmental-Educational Assessments

Empowerkidz offers formal and informal developmental-educational assessments:

  • Reading
  • Areas in need of attention
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Spelling
  • Sight words
  • Comprehension

Our comprehensive assessments in the domains of cognitive skills, perceptual-motor skills and education provide us with a wealth of information about the child’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to create a personalized intervention plans for the children.