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SOI Cognitive Skills Training

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SOI Cognitive Skills Training

We want each individual to reach their fullest learning potential. The SOI assessment provides a clear profile of the whole individual and illuminates deficits so they can be targeted for improvement.

By developing each individual in all three learning styles – Figural, Symbolic, and seMantic, we equip them to be successful to handle any learning challenges they encounter in school, work, and life.

We design a comprehensive, personalized cognitive skills training program to strengthen each individual’s specific learning abilities based on SOI assessments.

Our training programs train in any or all of these key areas:








Problem Solving

Through this unique, targeted approach, your student will experience:

  • Strengthened Skills
  • Increased Proficiency
  • Renewed Confidence

All while discovering a new path to success!

There are 90 specific learning abilities that can be trained with SOI-based programs. Some relate to reading, some relate to math and others relate to the vision, and many more. Low abilities can be improved and strong abilities can be further.