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Play Attention Program

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What is The
Play Attention Program?

The Play Attention program offers a comprehensive attention-training neurofeedback system designed to enhance cognitive development, self-regulation, and behavior. This program is adaptable to a wide range of individuals seeking to improve their attention, focus, and cognitive skills. While it's recognized for its effectiveness in addressing ADHD, the Play Attention program is beneficial for various groups, making it a versatile solution for cognitive enhancement.

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Who Can Benefit?

1. Children and Adolescents

“Play Attention is widely used as an intervention for managing ADHD symptoms. It helps build focus, concentration, and attention span, which are crucial for academic and social success during the formative years.”

2. Students

From elementary to higher education levels, students can utilize Play Attention to improve their learning experience and academic performance.

3. Adults

Whether you’re looking to enhance productivity, focus, or cognitive skills, Play Attention is a valuable tool for adults facing attention challenges or those aiming to optimize their mental performance.

4. Professionals

Demanding careers often requires sustained attention and multitasking. Play Attention can help professionals in various fields improve their efficiency and performance.

5. Individuals with Cognitive Challenges

Beyond ADHD, those with learning disabilities or mild cognitive impairments can strengthen their cognitive abilities through our program.

6. Athletes and Performers

Athletes, musicians, actors, and other performers who rely on high levels of concentration can benefit from Play Attention’s cognitive training techniques.

7. Seniors

Older adults can use the program to maintain or enhance cognitive functions, providing a cognitive workout to keep their minds active and alert.

The Journey

Founded by neurotechnology pioneer Peter Freer, MSEd, Freer Logic, Inc. is the driving force behind the Play Attention program. Inspired by NASA's use of neurotech for astronaut training, Play Attention was developed as a pioneering neurocognitive training system for individuals with ADHD. Established in 1994 after extensive research and development, Play Attention has evolved into an educational neuroscience program for students with ADHD.

Essential Equipment

To get started with Play Attention, you’ll need:

  • A computer running Windows 10 or macOS Sierra or newer.
  • The Play Attention software.
  • A BodyWave® armband.
  • An interface box.
  • A Bluetooth dongle.

Additionally, the advanced package offers valuable resources, including behavior shaping charts, materials for managing behavior, technical and educational support, phone-based initiation tutorials, and an interactive manual featuring audio and video elements, along with an unlimited user license.

What is the time commitment typically required for the Play Attention program?

The Play Attention program is self-paced, requiring 20-30 minutes of training per day, five days a week. The program is structured into 12 weeks of training, with each week containing five engaging lessons. The program’s flexibility allows users to tailor their training to their specific needs while maintaining consistent progress.

Where can it be practiced?

The Play Attention program can be practiced in various settings, including:

  • At home, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • In schools, as part of a special education program or regular classrooms.
  • In clinics or healthcare settings for a structured treatment plan.
  • In doctor’s or therapist’s offices for diagnostic evaluations or targeted improvement.

Personalized for You:

The Play Attention program can be personalized to suit your individual needs. Through a comprehensive assessment, a training plan is tailored based on clinical interviews, neuropsychological assessments, and behavioral evaluations. This personalized approach ensures that the program is finely tuned to your unique requirements, helping you achieve the best results.

EmpowerKidz is proud to be the exclusive certified provider of the Play Attention program in California, USA.