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Dr. Anupma Sethi conceptualized Empowerkidz to help children achieve, empower, and optimize their learning potential in 2011. Anupma has a doctorate in Learning Disabilities from the University of Delhi. She is a certified SOI (Structure of Intellect) Systems Practitioner for the Cognitive Skills Assessment and Training program developed by Dr. Robert Meeker and Dr. Mary Meeker using Dr. J.P. Guilford’s theory of intelligence. Anupma recently completed her course work for Educational Therapy from the University of Santa Cruz (Extension) and has joined the Association of Educational Therapists as an Associate member.

Anupma has extensive experience as Clinical Learning Therapist SOI Systems Cognitive Skills Trainer and an Orton-Gillingham reading therapist. She has been working with children with learning disabilities and ADHD for more than twenty years and has experimented with research-based new developments in the area of education and the science of teaching. She is also a licensed Brain Gym coach for children trained under Brain Gym International, USA. Anupma continues her love of learning with professional development courses in the areas of learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Informal and Formal Assessments, and Executive Functioning, along with new research-based teaching programs in literacy and math.