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Caring for Children with Learning Disability – Four Ways to Improve the Life of a Child with a Learning Disability

Caring for Children with Disability – Every child needs love, encouragement and support, especially children who have learning disabilities. We may find it challenging to really figure out what appropriate steps we can take at home to improve our children’s self-worth and confidence. Firstly, we must consult a specialist that can really guide us through every step we take. Secondly, ‘Celebrate effort rather than the outcome’. It’s critical to identify when a child is putting forth his or her best effort rather than focusing just on the correct or incorrect answer. For example,  “I admire how hard you are trying to solve this math problem,” or “I am really proud of how focused you are in solving maths.” 


As parents, we need to keep in mind that our job is not to “cure” their disabilities but to be their emotional and moral support. Optimism is key! If we embrace challenges with hard work and with a little bit of humor, surely our child will embrace the same perspective. If we make a mistake when writing a letter, for example, say, “Oops!” That word was misspelled by me. But oh well! I’m going to cross it out and start over.“We must always remember that our behavior or response to any challenge has a significant impact on our child too. 


Caring for Children with Disability with these 4 Simple Ways:

#1 Look at the ‘bigger’ picture:

Facing obstacles is in human nature, every child at some point gets stressed or finds doing certain activities quite difficult. As parents, we need to set the right environment for our children to learn how to deal with any curveball that’s thrown at them and not be discouraged by it or overwhelmed.


#2 Research:

It’s always advisable to take the time and research the different types of learning disabilities. Keep track of all the new developments and findings in the learning disability programs, educational techniques and therapies.


#3 Interactive learning:

Children can follow many paths to learn and understand things, we just need to find the right path and work on that. We can follow many interactive and action-based programs and activities that can help improve our child’s communication and interaction skills.


#4 Personalised learning:

Every child is unique. That’s why, as parents, we need to ensure that our child gets personalised learning activities that would slowly improve their grasping power. It’s important to know a child’s weaknesses and strengths and accordingly find learning solutions that would help improve their way of living.


Empowerkidz assists children by providing customised assessments and dyslexia screening that address all of the factors that may be affecting the child which may help with the treatment of Dyslexia.


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