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Treatment of Dyslexia – What is the Orton-Gillingham Approach?

Orton- Gillingham is a teaching approach used by a well-trained and experienced instructor to help struggling readers by taking a direct, explicit, multisensory, structured, sequential, diagnostic and prescriptive way in helping individuals with reading, writing and spelling. Professionals use visual and auditory tactics as well as some methods that involve movement and touch. With this kind of multisensory approach, treatment of Dyslexia can be quite possible as this approach can help give children suffering from Dyslexia, a variety of different ways to better understand how to process information and ultimately get treatment of dyslexia. But we do have to keep in mind that the Orton- Gillingham is an approach taken by an experienced and well- trained professional and it is not a particular curriculum, although there are many reading curriculums that contain content about the Orton- Gillingham approach.


Now, let’s understand the Treatment of Dyslexia with Orton- Gillingham approach:

  • It’s simply an approach that teaches children or adults with Dyslexia to read and spell.
  • Children learn to decode words by breaking them down into syllables and phonemes (the smallest unit of sound) in order to read them using the O-G Approach.
  • Children learn how to decipher words orally into syllables and phonemes in order to spell them using the O-G Approach.
  • At the word level, it improves automaticity and fluency.


Different approaches of Orton- Gillingham:

1) This approach identifies each child as an individual:

Each Orton-Gillingham instructor acquires knowledge and skills in how to enable children to study in the method that best suits them. The OG Approach is intended to ensure that children learn abilities that build on one another, through which children are able to master specific skills. Children have an important role in their own learning when they are encouraged to master reading and language abilities on an individual basis.

2) This approach breaks down reading into smaller skills:

In order to help pupils understand the relationship between letters, sounds, and words, OG instructors can incorporate sight, hearing, touch, and movement into regular education. To achieve comprehensive mastery, the OG Approach, for example, encourages a student to learn the letters by seeing it, pronouncing it out loud, sounding it out, and writing.

3) This approach provides flexible implementation:

While the OG Approach is typically used to teach dyslexic kids by breaking down language and finding separate abilities that can be beneficial to them. Orton-Gillingham procedures are adaptable and can be altered over time to foster continuous learning and problem-solving in every classroom or centre.


Empowerkids can assist children by providing customised assessments and dyslexia screening that address all of the factors that may be affecting the child which may help with the treatment of Dyslexia.


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