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What is the relationship between ADHD and other learning disabilities?

July 09,2020 by Anupma

ADHD, otherwise known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children and may last into adulthood. It manifests itself in the form of inattentiveness, hyperactivity or impulsivity, and can lead to low self-esteem and difficulty with school or work. In addition, ADHD is often accompanied with other learning difficulties, where 50% of children with ADHD are also diagnosed with other disorders such as dyslexia or autism. The phenomenon of multiple such disorders is known as comorbidity, and it’s important to understand the impact of this “double whammy” and how to correct it.

ADHD in itself is not a learning disability. However, due to the high rate of comorbidity, it is often considered as one. The presence of other learning disabilities with ADHD is a good explanation for why students taking medication for ADHD might still perform poorly in school. The relationship is better understood when we look at ADHD as an executive functioning disorder- not directly impacting the way children learn, but impacting the process of learning. The combination of ADHD with a LD that impacts basic academic skills such as math, reading, and writing is this “double whammy” and can have severe negative impacts on a child’s academic performance as well as self esteem.

It is also important to understand that both ADHD and LD are types of neurological disorders- so it is not an accurate reflection of how hard an individual may try. Poor performers diagnosed with such disorders are constrained by neural factors beyond their control. At Empowerkidz, the interdisciplinary approach to both assessments and interventions can help combat a poor academic performance or executive functioning skills in children. With comprehensive cognitive assessments, Empowerkidz can identify the exact reasons for learning challenges a child is facing. Following this, the customized intervention plans help achieve quick, long-lasting, and impactful results that transform a child’s relationship with learning.

With ADHD and other types of LD, whether they are occurring simultaneously or in an isolated manner, it is crucial to identify a solution based approach. This is better achieved with an interdisciplinary method, and Empowerkidz is determined to deliver results to each client. With these major learning transformations, children end up more confident, which they carry with themselves throughout their lives.

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