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What is SOI systems Cognitive Skills Training Program?

May 22,2020 by Anupma

Cognitive skills are the ways that the brain remembers, reasons, holds attention, thinks, reads, and learns. The cognitive abilities help to process new information by taking that information and distributing it into the appropriate areas in the brain.

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What is SOI systems Cognitive Skills Training Program?

SOI stands for Structure Of Intellect – a theory of human intelligence which describes the abilities for acquiring, understanding, and processing information – the basis of human learning.

The Structure of Intellect theory was developed by Dr. J. P. Guilford. His research began in 1940 at the time of World War II. The US Army Air Corps needed to train pilots and navigators, but more than 35% of the men were unable to adequately finish the training. They called on Dr. Guilford to create a better test for selecting new recruits. Using a statistical technique called factor analysis, he constructed a selection test that reduced the failure rate to less than 5%

The approach that Dr. Guilford used was:

  • Find the intellectual abilities needed for pilots and navigators to learn their jobs.
  • Test new candidates to see if they have those intellectual abilities.
  • Select the candidates that have those abilities and teach them their jobs.

The Structure of Intellect model itself is called “SI”; the application of the model to education is called “SOI.”

Dr. Mary Meeker, a doctoral student of Dr. J. P. Guilford at the University of Southern California, in the 1960’s mapped the intellectual abilities needed for K-12 learning. She saw the potential of the Structure of Intellect (SI), especially for diagnosing learning difficulties.

She soon found that certain intellectual abilities were closely related to basic learning: reading, arithmetic, higher math, and creativity. These insights (gained from studies – 1962 to 1974) became the basis of the SOI Test of Learning Abilities (SOI-LA). Her research transformed a selection strategy that had proved to be successful into a training strategy that was appropriate for education.

The approach that Dr. Guilford used was:

  • Find the intellectual abilities needed for students to learn the basic curriculum.
  • Test students to see if they have these intellectual abilities.
  • Train students on any of their abilities that are less than adequate for learning, and then teach them the curriculum.

What challenges can be overcome with this program?

SOI systems programs help to overcome the following challenges in schools:

  • General Academic Issues
  • Reading and Spellings
  • Lack of Memory Skills
  • Low Math Skills
  • Poor Reading Comprehension
  • Anxiety over School
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Homework Struggle
  • Difficulty Following Instructions
  • Inability to Focus
  • General Behavioral Issues
  • Difficulty Sitting Still

What steps are involved in this?

The SOI process is simple: Assess, Identify, and Train.

What steps are involved in this?

The SOI system’s assessments evaluate cognition (understanding), memory, problem solving, evaluation, and creativity. Specific abilities are evaluated in these areas that relate to learning.


The SOI assessment delivers a complete profile of each individual and help to identify:

  • learning ability strengths
  • areas in need of attention
  • the individual’s dominant learning style
  • suggestions for areas of improvement
  • how the abilities relate to school and curriculum


SOI system programs can train 90 specific learning abilities with the customized training – print modules and computer modules. These abilities range in difficulty in five main areas:

  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Evaluation
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity

Having an all-inclusive, fully personalized SOI program is the best to address an individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Their low abilities can be improved and strong abilities can be further enhanced, creating a well-rounded individual on the path to success!

How can my child benefit from this program?

The SOI systems help students to identify problems, provide a solution, and make sure that there is improvement. The biggest advantage of using the SOI systems program is that it addresses the root cause of any learning challenges the students may have. SOI products provide customized intervention plans based on the assessments. We don’t use the cookie cutter approach for interventions. All students have a unique treatment plan which works as laying the correct foundation for a tall building. The students make irreversible, long lasting improvements in their abilities and become lifelong learners.

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