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Fast Forword Reading Program: Supporting Our Children To Reading Success.

Frequently, parents of children with specific learning disabilities ask how they can support their childrens at home.Typically, infants or toddlers can understand what their parents are saying much before they can speak. As they get older and their communication skills develop, they learn how to articulate their feelings. But for children, that may not be the case, they might find it difficult to grasp the meaning of  the words they hear and see with the Fast ForWord Reading Program, the brain will be challenged while strengthening auditory processing, receptive and expressive language, attention, and sequencing.


What is the Fast ForWord reading Program?

Fast ForWord is an evidence-based digital reading intervention program that targets ADHD and reading difficulties and/or Auditory Processing Disorder. It was created by renowned neuroscientists using the principles of neuroplasticity (The brain’s ability to adapt to changing environments by forming new neural connections over time) to improve brain processing speed permanently, thus making reading and learning  a lot easier. It is an effective tool to support children with learning disabilities, that helps them develop critical thinking skills for learning success, such as memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing, as well as language and reading skills that contribute to the treatment of learning disability.


How does it work?

Fast ForWord adapts to the needs of each learner. The program combines cognitive and literacy training. Each exercise focuses on a specific set of reading or language tasks while simultaneously developing memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing. The process of reading (and learning) begins with how the brain perceives and processes sound. This program targets the underlying causes of language and reading difficulties or Auditory Processing Disorder


Supporting children with the help of this program.

Make learning appealing:

Encourage children with the mindset of “Learning is Fun!!”. In spite of unpleasant memories and frustrations, modeling good behavior by reading, introducing new ideas, encouraging discussion, and sharing activities is good for children.


Be Understanding:

Introducing a new program to kids can be challenging. Taking the time to let them vent and express their frustrations and feelings is essential for their mental health. It overall creates a positive setting for them.


This program is a tool:

This program should not be viewed as a solution to the problem but as a tool. Children should not feel the pressure that they need to fix the burden of having a learning disability. Instead, they should learn in a more comforting and positive approach.


Lets not pressure:

It should be a fun and enjoyable experience to work  through the Fast ForWord program that reaps benefits. Participate, but let children decide when they are ready. They need something to strive for, but pressure will only make them miserable.


 Find Out How We Can Help Your Child!

We at Empowerkidz are authorized providers of the Fast ForWord Program. Contact Dr. Anupma Sethi at +1-669-900-2315 today to know more! 


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