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Fast Forword: 1-2 Years Reading Gains In 40-60 Hours

Early Childhood Education Reading

With the Fast ForWord Program, a child can gain 1-2 years worth of reading skills within 40-60 hours. Research over the past 30 years shows that specific learning disability and Auditory Processing Disorder is the cause of most reading problems. Reading is not something innate in the brain, but rather a system we developed based on our language system.


So what is the Fast ForWord Program?

Fast ForWord provides evidence-based adaptive reading and language programs that deliver long-term gains in language, reading, and cognitive skills in just 40-60 hours of use. The program engages cross-train language, reading and cognitive skills for long-term benefits. The program builds a child’s ability to learn, helping them to achieve greater academic benefits. In addition to supporting the teaching-learning cycle, Fast ForWord provides digital resources that save time and engage children with specific learning disabilities and Auditory Processing Disorder so they can rapidly reach their reading goals. 


Fast ForWord is the only reading and language intervention program that has been thoroughly evaluated and has been proven to produce 1-2 years of reading gains in as few as 40-60 hours. More than 55 patents in neuroscience and education have been issued to the program, and more than 250 research studies have confirmed its effectiveness. Research published in peer-reviewed journals substantiates the underlying science and results of Fast ForWord, which is an evidence-based program backed by independent research.



Why Fast ForWord Program?

  • It’s Fast!

Get results in weeks and months, not years.

  • It’s Fun!

Fun and interactive games disguised as brain training.

  • It’s Long- Lasting!

A lifetime of gains.



What makes Fast ForWord so successful?

  • Learning to read and its impact:

A great number of children struggle with reading proficiency, resulting in learning, insecurity, and behavioral issues. Through the Fast ForWord Reading Program, we can target underlying cognitive and language skills and expand the child’s capacity to learn, resulting in lasting reading gains, social-emotional growth, and improved graduation rates.


  • Individualized and adapted for every reader:

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all children, teachers, schools, or classrooms. Fast ForWord provides differentiated, individualized, and adaptive learning opportunities for each child, while a flexible schedule gives professionals or teachers more flexibility to supplement learning time.


  • Engaging Adolescent Minds:

The exercises are designed to promote confidence while providing real-time and personalized feedback. Content is age-appropriate, adaptive exercises adapt based on children’s reading skills attainment, and leveled reading selections accommodate different levels of achievement.


  • Continual multi-level progress monitoring:

Comprehensive progress monitoring gives children, teachers or professionals a clear view of a child’s performance. The Reading Progress Indicator proprietary assessment predicts a child’s performance growth.


 Find Out How We Can Help Your Child!

We at Empowerkidz are authorized providers of the Fast ForWord Program. Contact Dr. Anupma Sethi at +1-669-900-2315 today to know more!


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