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Benefits of Fast Forword for Children with Hearing Impairment.

Children with hearing impairments often experience a delay in language acquisition and reading, typically because their experience with spoken language and other forms of auditory input is limited. When the brain is unable to process sounds, it is hard for it to tell the difference between words, such as rock, rocks, and rocked. The majority of these children require direct language instructions, even with the use of amplification devices or cochlear implants, and they may still find language and reading challenging. Benefits of Fast Forword Program for Children are: it builds memory, attention, processing, and sequencing skills, which are relevant to all facets of learning, as part of a well-designed intervention program. Children receiving this kind of intensive, structured stimulation develop their oral language and literacy skills. To guarantee the best possible outcome for each child, it is essential to fully address his or her learning and behavioral needs. For children with hearing impairments, Empowerkidz will ensure that every child is given an appropriate setup for using the Fast Forword Program.

Empowerkidz ensures that every child gets an appropriate set up for


Benefits of Fast Forword for Children with Hearing Impairment.

  • Fast ForWord Programs provide the intensive and structured linguistic and auditory stimulation children need to develop their language and literacy skills. 
  • Many hearing-impaired children struggle with sequencing frequency. In reading, sequencing involves determining how letters appear within words or how words appear within a sentence using memory, attention, and processing speed; it is essential for phonics, word fluency, reading, and oral comprehension. In the Fast ForWord Program, sounds, letters, and concepts are recognized in a logical order.
  • In contrast to other programs that target similar skills, Fast Forword builds cognitive skills in the context of auditory stimuli that are relevant to spoken language.
  • Boosts ‘auditory attention’ skills for children with hearing impairment
  • It may also help improve a child’s ‘Multi-tasking skill’ 


Results validated by Research

  • Researchers at Rutgers, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and other premier research institutions have substantiated the Fast ForWord Program’s effectiveness as a reading intervention.
  • Reading and language skills can be improved by up to 2 years in 3 months.
  • Children gain more than language and reading proficiency; they also gain confidence, test-taking skills, and attention.
  • The Fast ForWord Program can deliver dramatic results even for the most struggling of readers.
  • It is backed by over 55 patents relating to neuroscience and education as well as 250+ research studies.


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