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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Working on-to-one allows us to provide the intensity, individualization, and specific feedback needed to make significant changes in a short amount of time.

Yes, we also work in small groups. The groups are created for students in similar age groups and somewhat similar needs. There may be 2 to 3 groups of children (each group will not exceed 3 students) working on different skills like IPP lab, Fast ForWord stations, Remedial education. Each group works with trained and experienced therapists.

We do not have a set program guarantee. What we do guarantee is that we will do everything we can to help each student become the best learner and most successful student he can be. If we feel that we cannot help, we will work with the family to try to find someone who can. Each student has a unique set of learning strengths and challenges. Therefore, students progress at different rates. We are working towards making permanent changes in the way students process information and learn. We do not just want to band-aid the issues. Permanent changes that bring success in learning require remediation that directly deals with the underlying processing skills. Our therapy and methods are designed to work on developing a solid foundation for independent and successful learning.

Typically students and parents will begin to see changes within just a few weeks. Our goal for each student is that he or she becomes the most comfortable, efficient, and independent learner he or she can be. How long this process takes will depend on the number and severity of the student’s learning challenges and the intensity of the therapy time.

Assessment is very essential for us at EmpowerKidz to create a customized intervention plan. We never want to guess about what is going on with a student. We want to know exactly what the challenges look like for your child so that we can make the best recommendations for correcting them.


We never want to over-test students, but we do need to spend time with your child in order to see what the challenges actually look like.


We are happy to review any records/reports that you have as a part of the assessment process. This may allow us to do less testing with your child, but will actually take about the same amount of time for us, so in most cases, the assessment fee will be the same.

This will depend upon the program or combination of programs recommended and the amount of time needed. Some of the programs have one-time start-up fees that cover licensing fees and/or specialized materials. We create specifically designed programs for each student and will discuss fees with you once we know exactly what is recommended. We are happy to speak with you if you would like to discuss your child or come in for a consultation. Feel free to call us at 669 900 2315

“SOI” stands for the Structure of Intellect – a theory of the functions and products of human intelligence. It is a system of tests and training materials to develop intellectual abilities. EmpowerKIdz uses the SOI system for assessment and training of abilities. For more information about SOI systems, click here (Hyperlink SOI systems)

A: The SOI test evaluates learning abilities – comprehension, creativity, problem-solving, evaluation, and memory. It shows any strengths or weaknesses the client has in these areas. The test also determines the client’s primary learning style – figural, symbolic, semantic. All of this information provides a solid profile that helps the client understand his/her learning capabilities

Anyone from 5 years old to an adult can be tested.

The SOI assessments are administered in-person by SOI specialists who have been trained in SOI. Just contact us to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

Each client’s program is individualized to target his/her strengths and weaknesses. The time it takes a client to complete his/her program depends on the test scores and the amount of time the student uses the materials.

Yes. A client can work on SOI materials at home. A cautionary note to parents: make sure your student has been tested and you receive a consultation so that you fully understand the analysis and the commitment required in order to see improvement.

Let’s look at this question first: do intellectual abilities have anything to do with academic achievement? Yes. So how does SOI improve this academic achievement which then carries over to academic test results? SOI trains the abilities needed for academic success. There are over 90 learning abilities that were identified by Dr. Mary Meeker and her team. SOI narrowed those abilities down to the 26 that are considered crucial to academics. She then developed training materials designed to increase those abilities. Since 1974*, studies have been done to show that SOI training abilities lead to improved performance on standardized achievement tests. The analyses were made to determine whether SOI instruction significantly affects learning abilities and whether learning abilities scores are associated with school achievement. The answer to both is yes.

Cognitive skills are essential for the brain to perform efficiently and effectively. Strengthening those cognitive skills in the areas of memory, problem-solving, evaluation, visual/auditory memory, and processing will lessen the effects of ADHD. Did you know that sometimes weak visual processing will present itself like inattention? This is why it is important to screen the vision system. We are not referring to visual acuity and wearing glasses – we look for things like visual tracking, teaming, and targeting that form a basis for visual learning. Similarly, strengthening cognitive skills may lessen the effects of Dyslexia as well, opening the doors to reading.


Should Ask Questions

Schools focus on academic skills. They do not generally address the weak underlying processing/learning skills that cause students to struggle. Special education provides valuable support for students but does not typically correct the problem.

Support and accommodations at school are helpful at the moment, but they are not a long-term solution.

At first, it may be difficult to fit in homework, activities, and sessions at the learning center, but for most students, homework gradually becomes easier and homework time becomes shorter. Students become less anxious and more confident and willing. For most, attention both in school and at home increases.

Working on schoolwork may help him get by, but it will not correct the issues that are causing him to fail. Until the underlying skills are developed, you will experience this challenge year after year.

Our goal for students with diagnosed or undiagnosed dyslexia and/or learning disabilities is that they will become comfortable, independent learners. We have seen, thousands of times over the years for students of all ages, that when they leave us, they go on to be independent, successful students and adults.