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Summer Time activities for Children

As a mother of two, I realize summer is a challenging time for parents and planning for the summer activities for kids can be overwhelming. The last two years of COVID limited the traditional summertime activities such as sleepovers, visiting the library, setting up a lemonade stand, visiting a children’s museum, swimming at the community […]


What is SOI-IPP? How Children learn in School?

How do children learn in school?   Learning is dependent on more than just the teacher and the curriculum, but the student and his or her ability to learn.   Through this blog, I want to talk about the SOI-IPP program, that I have been using in my practice for over 10 years.    SOI-IPP […]


What are Executive Functioning Skills?

Some of us may have heard of the term “Executive functioning skills” floating around on blogs or other forums which is often associated with learning disabilities like ADHD, or sometimes applied to any learning difficulty. Whatever the context may be, it may have raised certain questions in our mind like “what are Executive functioning skills?” […]