SOI Based Program

SOI is a set of tools based on J.P. Guilford’s Structure of Intellect (SOI) theory to help students and adults improve their learning abilities. By focusing on improving the underlying brain functions that are impeding their progress, we see huge gains in overall cognitive function, and even the remediation of learning disabilities. Anyone can benefit from SOI, from beginning learners to the learning disabled, to the academically gifted. SOI can offer this broad range of testing, teaching, and training services because it is based on a proven theory of human intelligence.

SOI is an assessment tool and a system that systematically develops learning functions. Dr. J.P. Guilford developed the theory underlying SOI in military and academic research. During World War II, the US Air Force was using IQ, vision assessment and good health as the basis for choosing pilots.

With these conventional criteria, 35% of the individuals selected “washed out” during the training. Guilford was asked to develop a more effective screening tool. He did so and when his new screening was applied the “washout” rate dropped to 9% for bombardiers, and 5% for pilots and navigators.

Mary Meeker a doctoral student of Guilford’s, along with her husband Robert, took Guilford’s theory and developed it into an effective tool to assess learning capacities and to develop learning abilities where needed. It is this ability to develop potential learning abilities that makes SOI stand out from the many other intelligence tests.

The expanded SOI program is IPP – Integrated Practice Protocol. IPP is a program of sensory integration, visual and auditory processing training and brain exercises. SOI/IPP Training has dramatically enhanced the ability to develop potential intelligence.