Don’t let your kids’ brains turn to mush over the summer break – keep them learning (and having a little fun, too) with these math resources.

Free Online games and activities for  K-8 grades.

Preschool  Math, pre writing  skills, Montessori based preschool activities,  fun games and lot more with all the latest products and free giveaways.

Fun way of learning Math in a Multiplayer Mode for K-8 students, totally free.

Reasonably priced membership based web resource for keeping the elementary grade children challenged and occupied. I liked it with my 2nd grade son.

Free Web based Math Practice for General grade level skills on various skills as well as Math Olympiad Practice

A holistic web based free resources for parents to keep children informed and occupied during the whole year with a variety of activities and resources on a wide range of topics and subjects.

Reasonably priced products teaching tools for parents and teachers  for a huge variety of skills like reading, phonics.

An excellent resource for online practice year-round for a wide range of subjects (Langauage Arts, Math, Vocabulary, Science, Social Studies).

Beestar is an educational organization founded by Sugar Land teachers and parents. Serving the Houston area since 2003, Beestar specializes in developing online math and reading exercises for elementary school kids. These after-school programs foster students’ interest and help them to achieve excellent academic grades. The Beestar system also facilitates parents to participate in their children’s learning process so they can understand and assist their children along the way to accomplish goals.

Since its inception, Beestar is run by voluntary community teachers and parents. Most Beestar developers are also its users, who have witnessed the positive changes the exercise programs bring to the children. They are committed to expand and improve the Web site to benefit more families. The Beestar team’s goal is common: to raise happy confident children with a bright future.

This website offers tons of lessons on videos for all the subjects , Math, PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Science, Finance, Accounting, Humanities and also Test Preparation strategies and skills. Many public schools  teachers are using these  videos in their classrooms to help students to work at their own pace and  comprehend the concepts completely.

Comprehensive, complete math curriculum in the form of a compact kit for children 4-12. It uses Montessori manipulatives and strategies for math teaching at home.  ShillerMath comes in affordable, multi-year kits: Kit I for 4-8 year olds and Kit II for 9-12 year olds.

RightStart™ Mathematics is a Montessori-influenced math curriculum. Dr. Joan A. Cotter, curriculum developer for RightStart™ Mathematics, is a certified Montessoriteacher. The RightStart™ Mathematics program was the outgrowth of Dr. Joan A. Cotter’s doctoral dissertation. The curriculum follows the NCTM guidelines, while meeting and exceeding state standards.

This unique hands-on program de-emphasizes counting, uses visualization of quantities, and provides strategies (visual pictures) for learning the facts. Understanding and problem solving are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

An award winning research based math curriculum for K-12 grades children using concrete manipulatives at an affordable cost. It is a very effective tool for parents as well as teachers.

A very helpful  affordable resource for parents and teachers to supplement, reinforce and give practice to the students for the concepts already taught. Edhelper helps in creating customized worksheets for each of the student working at different levels in all the subjects. I have used it for almost five years for my students and own children.

I personally recommend the Abacus classes and training for learning math skills among the young children offered through Abacus Learning centers like Aloha Math Centers and also through some Private practitioners in some states.

And if you’re looking for apps, check out this article which lists the top 8 math apps for young children.

We wish you and your kids a fun and educational summer!

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