EmpowerKidz is pleased to offer award-winning BrainWare Safari to our clients. Here is an overview of BrainWare Safari:
  • A neuroscience-based program that helps students become the best learners they can be.
  • An engaging video-game format that kids of all ages enjoy.
  • Supported by published research demonstrating an average of over 4 years of intellectual growth.
  • An award-winning program developed by an award-winning company. Kudos include: 2006 Parents’ Choice Award, 2007 EdNet Rookie of the Year, 2007 & 2008 Software and Information Industry Association, Codie Award Finalist.

Because learning without cognition is like flying without wings

Cognitive skills are the basic mental processing skills that support our ability to understand, interpret and apply information in the world around us. Underdeveloped cognitive skills get in the way of processing, retaining, and using information. Well-developed cognitive skills are essential for anyone to perform well academically or in a work environment. When basic cognitive skills, such as visual processing, attention, and memory, operate at an automatic level, they enable an individual to engage more effectively in higher-order thinking and knowledge acquisition. Improving students’ mental skills helps raise their learning potential, leading to gains in intelligence, self-esteem, and the ability to learn subjects like math and reading.

Evidence Based

BrainWare Safari looks like a video game – and children love playing it – but unlike video games, it is founded in science and rooted in decades of clinical experience. In one study, BrainWare Safari was used for 11 weeks at home by students in 1st through 7th grades. Another group of students in the same age range from the same school served as a control and simply followed their normal routines. Outcomes, as measured by pre- and post-testing with the Woodcock-Johnson III Cognitive Battery, showed:

  • 4 years and 2 months average improvement in cognitive skills, compared to 4 months improvement for the control group.
  • 1 year and 11 months average improvement in tests of achievement (reading and math) compared to 1 month for the control group.

This study has been published: “A study of the effectiveness of cognitive skills therapy in a video-game format,” Volume 38, Issue 1 of Optometry & Vision
Development, 2007.

In another study, BrainWare Safari was incorporated into the curriculum for two classes of 4th and 5th grade boys in an Indianapolis public school. The students had previous behavior/discipline issues and pre-tested almost 3 years behind their chronological age. After 11 weeks of using BrainWare Safari, their average performance on the Woodcock Johnson III Cognitive Battery improved by 6 years.

Remarkable Success


Parents Say … This Program Has Been a Gift

“Fourth grade was miserable for my daughter. Even though she did her homework every night and had a reading tutor, she wasn’t able to retain facts, read at a second-grade level, and rarely passed tests in class. Her teacher requested holding her back. She started using BrainWare Safari two weeks before fifth grade. After just 3 weeks of practicing 4-5 times per week for 30 minutes each session, she was not only telling me her multiplication facts, but figuring out our her division facts. Her reading comprehension has increased and her ability to write paragraphs. This program has been a gift.”

Educators Say … I Could See Changes in Their Ability to Think Logically

“It is sad, as an educator, to see many students who come into my class lacking the confidence they need to be successful in school. It is imperative that students are given the opportunities to excel. BrainWare Safari was that opportunity and the students definitely took advantage of it. I could see changes in their ability to think logically and to solve problems. They looked forward to practicing the skills in BrainWare Safari. They just wanted to keep going.”

Parents Say … A Miracle

“BrainWare Safari is a miracle. I would have paid anything for it, now that I have seen what it can do to help my son grow his brain right before my eyes. I am confident that it will transform his academic failure into brilliant success.”

Educators Say … The Program Boosted Their Self-Esteem

“I love BrainWare Safari and so do the students. The program is indeed a great way for the students to learn while having fun. Many of them have shown more willingness to work independently. The program definitely has boosted thier self-esteem as they have graduated many levels. It is rewarding to watch them solve problems and reach success.”

Homeschooling Parents Say … I Find the Exercises Challenging for Myself

“My daughter, who is 8 years old, really enjoys BrainWare Safari. She has Sensory Processing Disorder; her vision and auditory system are impacted by this. The games do a great job targeting the skills she needs improvement on. We’ve found some of the games are similar to exercises her vision therapist was having her do. The one exception though is BrainWare Safari does it in a way that’s more fun. As a parent, I enjoy watching her play the games and find them challenging for myself.”

For more information on BrainWare Safari and other programs offered by EmpowerKidz, contact us: info@empowerkidz.com

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