EmpowerKidz Learning Center is a Multi-Disciplinary learning center preparing students today for being successful tomorrow through direct, intensive, research based Cognitive Skills Training Programs along with Multi-Sensory Language and Academic Enrichment programs for children and youth to stimulate, boost, enrich and enhance brain capacity. These programs ensure significant gains in reading, writing, math, attention, processing, working memory and more. As a result learning becomes more fun for children and academics take on new meaning.



  • Cognitive Skills Assessments using a research based international program called SOI systems (USA). Cognitive skills assessments identify 26 cognitive abilities and skills to create a learning profile for the person.We have computerized as well as paper pencil version of Primary Learning Ability (PLA) for children (5–8 years) and Advanced Learning Ability Test (ALA) for children (8-15+ years). These tests can be taken online as well as at our center also.
  • Perceptual-motor skills assessment through integrated practice Protocol (IPP-SOI) to evaluate 11 perceptual skills.
  • Educational and achievement tests are also incorporated along with Cognitive Skills assessments using a variety of standardized tests like Wide Range Achievement test (WRAT), NIMHANS battery, Brigance listening and reading Comprehension, Schonell Reading and Spellings.


  • Structure of Intellect Theory based individualized fundamental cognitive skill training program through customized print (workbooks) and computer modules especially created on the basis of the child’s learning profile and skills as identified during the assessments.
  • Integrated Practice Protocol Lab (IPP lab) where children work on building their perceptual motor skills like body balance, visual processing, sequencing, exercise to follow auditory instructions.
  • Memory boosting and enhancing program through Memory Matrix program developed by SOI systems.
  • Computer based brain stimulating and enrichment programs through specialized software programs like
  1. Brainware Safari,
  2. Brain Builder Program,
  3. Fast Forword Program and
  4. Cogmed program.


  • At our Perceptual Motor Training lab perceptual skills are strengthened through a series of physical activities that repetitively build the neural ‘bridges ‘necessary to achieve control of mind over body through SOI-IPP program. IPP or Integrated Practice Protocol is an expanded SOI Program that gets to the root of learning difficulties by addressing the perceptual problems that often underlie poor academic performance. IPP is a system whose goal is to integrate messages from all the senses. Many learners who experience academic difficulties are not integrating perceptual messages. They have gaps or blocks in comprehending certain kinds of information.
  • Systematic training is provided through The Listening Program® (TLP)from Advanced Brain technologies, wherein a child listens to psycho-acoustically modified classical music which trains the brain to process sound more efficiently through This is a music listening therapy that provides engaging brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work and life leading to the improvements in:
·        Learning

·        Attention

·        Communication

·        Reading

·        Listening

·        Sensory Processing

·        Social Engagement

·        Behavior

·        Self-Regulation

·        Musical Ability

·        Brain Fitness

·        Daily Living

  • Brain Gym exercises are bodily movements designed to improve the ability to retain knowledge by using the integral relationship between body and mind. The Brain Gym approach came from the teachings of Paul and Gail Dennison, who concluded that learning takes place within every area of the body. They went on to affirm that any person could improve his intellectual standing, to some degree, by moving in ways that caused neural-pathways in different areas of the brain to connect. Brain Gym training is thought to be especially beneficial to young children.
  • Brain Gym is a fun and easy way to make better connections between our brains and our bodies. Brain Gym enables uninterrupted flow of communication in the Brain-Body System. These activities make connections between the left and right sides of our brains.


Our Curriculum Instruction is Systematic, Explicit, Sequential and Structured

  • Phonics based reading instruction which incorporates OrtonGilligham’s Phonic Programs like:
  • Wilson Reading Program
  • Hillspring Reading and writing Program
  • Linguistic Remedies
  • Fast Forword Program.
  • Multi-Sensory method of learning letter-sound association
  • Explicit teaching of Reading Comprehension Strategies and Written Expression strategies
  • Primary Mathematics is taught based on the Montessori Method.
  • Incorporates Brain Gym exercises.
  • Fast ForWord® is a series of computer-delivered brain fitness exercises designed to produce dramatic language and reading improvements in a variety of student populations by improving memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills. Fast ForWord® is a series of life-changing course that improves foundational cognitive skills, targeting underlying language and reading difficulties, and then improve reading fluency and comprehension for all students.


EmpowerKidz conducts customized workshops, training sessions, and seminars for parents and teachers on the following issues and topics:

  • Brain-gym
  • Study Skills
  • Reading, Writing, and Spelling Strategies
  • Comprehension and Creative Writing Skills
  • Teaching and Learning Math
  • Teaching and Learning Hindi
  • Parenting Workshops With Specialists to deal with Adolescents