Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is an assessment method that claims to identify the innate abilities of an individual through his or her fingerprints. Fingerprints are fully formed by the time baby takes birth and those who support this test claim that the distinctive marks on skin are related to different kinds of innate talents one is born with, individual learning styles, and how one’s brain is wired to think and react. If true, such a test can bring a revolution in the field of education.

Since a person of any age can take the test, DMIT can be used by teachers to develop personalized instruction plan for their students as well as select appropriate learning activities and assessment strategies for them. Parents can focus on developing the innate talents of their children and help them to play up to their strengths. On a broader level, schools and education departments can use DMIT tests of a demographic segment to come up with relevant education policies and intervention programmes.