BrainWare Safari is a computerized brain-training program designed to improve working memory—the ability to hold information in your mind long enough to accomplish a goal (like remembering a phone number long enough to dial it). It is also designed to reduce impulsivity and increase attention. The “games” in the programs look and feel like video games, but are designed to exercise parts of the brain that aren’t working at their optimum level.

BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills development software has been used with a variety of populations from special education to normally developing, to gifted, and at a variety of grade levels from elementary school through college, with impact on students’ cognitive and academic performance.

There are probably as many ways to implement cognitive skills training with BrainWare SAFARI in a school as there are schools, but they also have some important things in common. In this webinar, we will share the story of three successful BrainWare SAFARI implementations that focus on the use of the program in a resource setting,. We will describe each school’s journey – from how the initial decision to use the program was made to the results for students and the impact for the teachers.