Who we are

Dr. Anupma Sethi, is the founder Executive Director of EmpowerKidz.

Anupma has a doctorate in Learning Disabilities from University of Delhi. She is a certified cognitive skills trainer specialist under SOI Systems Oregon, USA.

She is also a certified Student Transformation Specialist Brain Trainer associated with Brain Trainer Connect program being conducted by Ms. Colleen Bain under Enhanced Learning Center for kids, New Jersey, USA.

Anupma also holds certifications in the following areas:

  • Certified Orton-Gillingham Reading Therapist from the International Multi-Sensory Structured Language Education Council IMSLEC.
  • Special education teacher (RCI) State of Colorado ( USA)
  • Licensed Braingym coach from Braingym International, USA.
  • Licensed provider for Brainware Safari computer based cognitive skills training program from Learning Enhancement Corporation USA.
  • Licensed provider for The Listening Program (TLP) to enhance and improve Auditory Processing Skills from Advanced Brain technologies USA.

She has been working with children with a wide spectrum of special education needs for more than twenty years and has experimented with research based new developments in the area of education and the science of teaching.

Anupma’s Philosophy of education revolves around the belief that everyone has the inherent capacity to be what they want to be when they are provided the opportunity to learn in the manner best suited for their individual strengths. What we need is a new paradigm in education where “all” means “all”. Where we nourish the belief that all persons have value and that all persons (children) can learn.

After spending long seventeen years as Educational diagnostician and Remedial Education teacher for students with learning disabilities, ADHD and Mild autism, Anupma Sethi started EmpowerKidz in 2008 with a strong belief and commitment to provide quality service under one roof for students struggling in school systems due to any reason. This was started in 2008 in Denver Colorado (USA) while working as substitute teacher in Boulder Valley School District.

Initially EmpowerKidz got involved with,  Louisville Montessori as a consultant to introduce Braingym sessions in small groups and one on one sessions with students for remedial classes. During that phase we also got an opportunity to collaborate with Davinci Center for Arts, Broomfield CO to conduct Braingym sessions with young children as well as conduct or diagnostic sessions along with remedial intervention services.

As an inquisitive learner her strong urge to explore and get in depth understanding as why children struggle in content learning at school led to her involvement with SOI systems. She did her SOI basic certification with Claudette Anderson at her center Prescription for Success Parker Colorado and started working on cognitive skills training program along with remedial/special classes. Working in the Montessori school as a substitute teacher gave her an exposure to the wide scope and application of Montessori system with special education.

 She moved to California in 2010 and focused on expanding EmpowerKidz work. Collaborated with The Tutor Doctor, a tutoring institution to provide supportive services for building cognitive skills among the students education.

Got Associated the American Montessori preschool for a project on Braingym classes in their school. Did detailed cognitive skills assessments for students at their location and worked with parents to help their children at home. Conducted Braingym classes at California Montessori Project, Montessori Charter School in Carmichael California.

Situations changed and our family moved back to our roots in India in June 2013. Took some time to settle in our National capital Region (NCR, Noida). Launched EmpowerKidz Learning Center in sector 51, Noida in December, 2013.